I just got back from Barcelona. I had an amazing time! I arrived, after my shuttle ride hitting the cinderblock wall, safe and sound. My hostel was a little hard to find from the instructions they provided, but I still found it. It wasn’t that bad at all. I was in a 6 person room but for 3 nights there were only 3 of us in there. Once I got collected, I walked around and found the busy street La Rambla. It was really cool because the sun was shinning and there were so many vendors and lots of things to see and buy. I also stumbled across the huge food market. There were all types of food and I had a fresh mango drink. That night I went to eat with Kate, and even though it was expensive it was good. We also met up with Laura, Brian and Claire and went to a bar to pregame and a club to party. The club was fun, and it was right on the beach. The next day I did a free walking tour of Gaudi. I had no idea about anything from Barcelona but I really liked his works. I learned a lot about him and his history with the city. That night we went out to a shot bar and Laura’s friend made Claire take a ‘Monica Lawinsky’ shot. The next day I did a bus tour. There were 2 different routes but I did the entire routes for both. I stopped off at Park Guell and it was so cool. You could see the whole city, there were lots of cool architecture and many famous things like the lizard. That night I went on a pub crawl but it wasn’t too fun because there were only 3 of us. I met these really cool girls from Peru. The next day I took the bus tour up to the top of a mountain and then took a cable car to a castle where I could see the entire city. It was so beautiful. On my way down, I met this really cool kid named Cody. He was from Vancouver but we had a lot in common and I hung out with him for the rest of the day. On my last full day I did a gothic walking tour. Not as great as the Gaudi, but by now I knew the people running it and I really liked my tour guide, Zophie. That night I went to another dinner with Kate, again, too expensive. That night I went on the pub crawl again but there were a lot more people. I met 2 kids from Israel, but one boy was from Russia. The next day I went to the beach to put my feet in the Meditation and then I came back to Paris. Overall, an amazing trip. I learned a lot and would love to go back with Jordan!

Outside the Sagrada Familia


On the other side


At the top!


Looking at the city from Park Guell.


There is not one straight line in this park.


The lizard!


Looking at the port of Barcelona from the Castle


Toes in the sand.

This is one of many posts from my journal I wrote during my semester abroad in 2011. I will not change anything in the post unless noted here.
*Kate ended up leaving the hostel after one night and got a hotel

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