5 Products for the Traveler in Your Life

Do you know someone with the travel bug? Does your spouse travel a lot for work? Having a hard time coming up with gift ideas for the holidays? Look no further! Here are 5 items I never travel without:

  1. Kindle
    Books are bulky. Books are expensive. Books waste trees and paper! A Kindle is the perfect item for someone who travels, as they can download thousands of books for less than actually buying the paperback. On top of that, it’s also not as bulky or heavy in your suitcase or backpack.

    The perfect size book

  2. FitBit
    Whether you are traveling or keeping track of your work outs, a FitBit is perfect for everyone. I use mine to see how much I walked in a day and to see how far I ran during a work out. It’s also helpful to monitor your sleep, which can be important when traveling through different time zones.

    My FitBit also serves as a watch

  3. Portable Charger
    Our need to be connected at all times can drain our mobile devices. Having a portable charger means you don’t have to bring your full charger nor look for outlets when on the go. I always have my Halo in my bag, no matter if its just going to class or on an all day bus trip. Its reliable and charges my iPhone very quickly.

    My Halo charger even has a reflective mirror and credit card slot

  4. Re-Fillable Water Bottle
    Not only is it environmentally conscious, but it saves you money on buying water. Fill up in the beginning of the day and be set for a full day of travels! You can refill anytime you see a fountain and it keeps you hydrated while helping keep hunger away as well. Nalgene bottles are BPA free and are virtually unbreakable.  Mine is covered in stickers from places I’ve traveled.

    My Nalgene with stickers from Tallinn and South Carolina

  5. Lip Balm
    Chapped lips are the worst. Weather conditions can always change at the drop of a hat so I’m always prepared with my Carmex.

    My go to chapstick

What do you always travel with?



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