Last weekend I went to Amsterdam. It was so much fun! I went with Tina, Alisha and Alisha’s friend who is studying abroad in Barcelona. Our hostel was in a good location and we had a four bed room to ourselves with a private bathroom so it was really nice. We got free t-shirts because it was Queens day. We went to the Heineken Brewery which was really sweet. It was very interactive and I got 4 free beers. Then Tina and I went to the Ann Frank House and then we all found a coffee shop and smoked. We then walked to the Van Gough museum and me and Alisha went in. It was sweet cause I was high. Saturday was Queens day which was a crazy party all day. There were concerts all over the city and it was orange all over the place. People were drunk and it was just a fun time and something different to see since it only happens once a year. The ‘I AMsterdam’ sign was a little disappointing. Sunday we took a walking tour and I learned a lot about the city and its buildings. I didn’t really get to see the red light district, but I did see some girls dancing in the windows. I was only there for 2 days but it was really pretty and fun. We couldn’t have asked for better weather and the canals were really pretty. There were bikes everywhere! I definitely wanna go back. People were really laid back and it was really a cool town.

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I only have a few more days left in paris. I only have a few more things I wanna do and one more final to take, but I’m having mixed feelings about going home. I wanna go home because I miss Barney and my friends and so many other things. But I’ve realized how luck I was to experience this and I’m going to miss it. I don’t know if I will ever live in a place like this again. I don’t think I will realize how I’ve changed until I get back, which also kinds of scares me. Im going to miss my host family, but I’m glad most of my friends I’ve made go to penn state. I’m anxious to be a senior because this is it, but I’m ready and excited to see what will happen in my life. I think I will continue to add to this when I’m home with anything related to my experience of reverse culture shock and what I continue to learn about myself and what has changed.

This is one of many posts from my journal I wrote during my semester abroad in 2011. I will not change anything in the post unless noted here.
*Barney is my dog
*I was still 20 when I visited Amsterdam

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