Waitomo – Northern King Country Region

Known for its caves, Waitomo is a small town within the King Country of the Northern Island. There are several different caves you can enter and each have different activities. From walking to rafting there are options for all ages and activity level. The main attraction in these caves are Maori carvings, paintings and glow worms.

Maori Painting inside out hotel

Unfortunately, due to a lot of rain, all of the caves were flooded and were only offering walking tours. My boyfriend and I really wanted to do a black water rafting tour, so we decided to look for other things to do. Because the weather was still overcast and rainy, we didn’t have a lot of other choices let alone things that would keep us dry.

We drove a half hour west to the Mangapohue Natural Bridge. This old cave has fall away and there is only one part remaining. It creates a natural bridge over a river flowing below and that is how it got its name.

Under the bridge, looking up to one side

We then drove another 5 minutes to a waterfall. The excess amount of rainfall made the fall stronger that normal and it was really cool to see it with such force. The water was brownish as if there was mud in it.

@pennythepennstategnome posing with the waterfall

Once we return and do the rafting tour I will add that to this post. It’s only about 2 hours south of Auckland so its definitely easy for us to get here one weekend.

Make sure you always have an umbrella in your purse, especially in New Zealand! Locals say you can see all four seasons in one day; you never know when its going to rain. This travel umbrella is the perfect size and can go in your backpack or purse.

Has weather ever ruined your travels plans?


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