4B at Impala – Auckland

After seeing Mija at Impala last month, I started getting alerts to other DJ’s coming to the nightclub. Most were small, local DJ’s so I overlooked them. But when I saw 4B, from Mad Decent, would be coming to town, I knew I had to go!

The email I received from Impala actually allowed me a FREE ticket to the event. I could not pass this night up, even though it was on a Wednesday from 10pm-4am.

4B came on around midnight and played until 3 am. He had the club rocking the entire time with fresh beats. He mixed a lot of fellow Mad Decent artists including Diplo, Slushii and Dillon Francis.

The amount of people in Impala wasn’t as much as Mija had since her set was on a Saturday night, but that is to be expected. I somewhat liked the size of the crowd more, as it was less crowded and people were able to dance and walk around without running into each other.

To be honest, I had never heard of 4B until the email came thru to my inbox. I’m glad I got a free ticket, since I did have work and probably would have passed it up since it was on a Wednesday. Spotify gave me an idea of what his sound was, but seeing a person live is always much better. DJ 4B gave a great performance and I would enjoy seeing him again!

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What concert or show did you get free tickets to?


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